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Hi. My name is Laura Funderburk (NMLS #773830) and I live in Dallas with my husband, three sons and two rescue dogs. I have been a reverse mortgage specialist here in Texas for many years.

Almost every day, I am asked if I would do a reverse mortgage loan for one of my own family members. The answer is yes. In fact, I helped my mother get one a couple of years after my father passed away. Like so many others in this situation, her income was cut nearly in half after he was gone. To make matters worse, the medical bills from his illness had significantly decreased their retirement savings. He did not have life insurance either, so she was left scrambling to make ends meet.

After discussing her financial situation, we determined that the best solution would be a reverse mortgage loan. We moved forward with it and she still lives in her home today. Has she struggled? Of course. But I am certain that if she had not gotten a reverse mortgage loan back then, she would have been forced to find another place to live.

I talk with people each day who are trying to solve some kind of financial challenge. Some want to retire early. Others have lost their jobs. Some want to travel with their spouse, while others are going through a divorce. Some want to help raise their grand kids while many others are dealing with the death of a spouse. For some of these people, a reverse mortgage loan is the perfect solution. For others it just doesn’t make sense. Will it work for you? Maybe. If it does, I will tell you. If it doesn’t, I will let you know that too. If I can suggest alternatives, I will certainly do so. The point is to ensure that you have all the information you need to decide which solution works best for you.

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